Salted Caramel Chocolate Brownies

Another chocolately offering for you all.  Who doesn’t like salted caramel?  Who doesn’t like rich, squidgy chocolate brownies?  Well, if you don’t I personally think you’re a bit strange!!  These are fantastic – you definitely get a proper chocolate hit with these.  Just be careful not to eat the whole lot at once! Continue reading

Chocolate Coffee Cake

The busiest time for birthdays for my family is from September running all the way through to February (with a few more birthdays scattered throughout the rest of the year).  This has its pros and cons.   It means that I need to be really inspired, present-wise, to make sure I have something to give everyone for both Christmas and birthday, but on the plus side it means I generally get to eat and sometimes make lots of cake.   Continue reading

Double Chocolate Cake

My sister asked me to make my nephew’s Christening Cake a few months ago which I was slightly nervous about but very excited to do.  I spent ages trawling through loads of recipes and ideas of what I could make and came across a delicious looking chocolate wedding cake recipe which sounded perfect.  I then had to decide how to decorate it.  Continue reading