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I’m Georgie and I’m the person behind this blog.  I love baking, writing, travelling and photography and wanted a fun way of combining all of my interests in one.  Unfortunately I don’t get a chance to travel as much as I used to (does anyone?), so I thought I could get that taste of the unknown that I’m hankering for through the food I bake.

I have set myself the somewhat daunting challenge of baking something from every country in the world.  It means I can experience new tastes, find out about all the amazing countries in the world (travelling vicariously through the food I bake), write about my baking attempts and record the results with my camera. A win-win situation!

Cakes and puds are my passion, so I’ll be making be mainly sweet dishes, but I could be persuaded to try out some savoury dishes if they look and sound really good.  I am very much a home cook and love baking in my spare time, so I’ve decided not to set myself a deadline – everyday life has a tendency to get in the way – but I’ll aim to bake as often as I can (not too often or my waistline will suffer!)  You can track my progress here.

If you have any tips or ideas of dishes you’d like me to try, I’d love to hear from you.


Using my content

Unless stated otherwise, all photographs and written content on this blog are my own work.  This means that all content is copyright protected.  I’m particularly protective of my photographs, so please do not publish any of them without prior permission (please get in touch).  Finally, if you do feature my work, please provide a link back to my site or post.  Thank you.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial 4.0 International Licence.

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