Panama – Arroz con leche

I remember when I was little, my Mother used to give us either homemade baked rice pudding warm from the oven with that lovely golden skin on top, or we’d have Ambrosia Creamed Rice out of a tin as a quick and tasty pud.  Now she makes a delicious Swedish version (with loads of chopped almonds) and for the last 5-10 years it’s become a tradition to have it on Christmas Eve with a red fruit/cherry compote.  The creamy, deliciousness of rice pudding is something that I think people either love or loathe, and I definitely love it. Continue reading

Iraq -Kleicha (date cookies)

May I present to you my latest baking attempt – Kleicha or date cookies – all the way from sunny Iraq.  I thought these seemed appropriate as Ramadan has just started, and apparently dates are traditionally eaten by Muslims to break their fast each evening.  Continue reading