Changing Faces

Isn’t it great when you’ve done a proper spring clean, or redecorated a room, or moved a bit of furniture around so the house looks different, or tried out a new hair style, bought a new car, even tried some new food.  Change is good.  Everything seems fresh and new, different and exciting.

Spring is in the air at the moment, and things do feel just that – fresh and new.  Everything seems to be coming alive again, waking up from the long sleepy winter.  The birds provide the soundtrack to the day, serenading us with their latest tunes as the sun lifts his sleepy head from his pillow to wish us a good morning.  Flashes of yellow appear on verges as the new generation of smiling daffodils break through the still sometimes frosty soil and best of all everyone just seems that bit happier.  I love this time of year.

Seeing as Spring is in the air I have decided to give my blog a new look.  I’ve been playing around with new themes for ages, but hadn’t found anything that suited me, until I came across this one.  I love this style as it really shows off my photos (and I do love my photos).

The great thing about wordpress is you can chop and change your theme so easily. It’s like having a whole new wardrobe every day.  Great if you fancy a change, but possibly not so great if you’re trying to build up a style/image/brand as with so much choice it can be hard to stick to the same theme.  Let’s see how long I last with this one!!

I hope you like it.7



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